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Short Films

Are you a film maker with an amazing script? Then why not turn it into a short film! Short films are easier and less expensive to make than a full length feature film, and is a great way to launch your film career. The Imagine Toon team can turn your imagination into reality, using animation! We will handle the storyboarding, character designs, background designs, animation, visual effects, sound engineering, editing and compositing at an affordable cost.

Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard video is an explainer video where successive images and text are hand-drawn and erased on a whiteboard. This format of video has become popular due to its ease of operation and low cost, making it one of the least expensive types of explainer videos to create.

Animated Commercials

We create animated commercial videos aimed at promoting your company’s products and services. The videos can be used in promotional campaigns on TV and social media. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to create videos that will effectively raise your company’s brand awareness, increase conversions, increase sales, or launch a product.

About Me

Robert Reid


Robert Reid has been involved in the development of the Jamaican Animation Industry for the past nine years. He has managed numerous multifaceted initiatives to develop the local industry and has created a vast network of relationships enabling the assembly of the right mix of talent and services in a cost-effective manner to ensure that the productions are within budget and schedule, and exceed the clients’ expectations. Having worked as an animator at Alcyone Animation Studios, animation instructor at Heart NSTA TRUST and as animation specialist in the Office of the Prime Minister, Robert Reid has amassed experience with both government and corporate clients, in animation production, education, administration, communications, marketing and public relations.


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